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What Advisors Do Online 2015

kasina's annual WADO report explores the digital engagement preferences of advisors online based on their segment, as discussed in previous kasina research. 

Navigating the Storm: Modern Instruments for a New Age in Asset Management

Our new white paper explores the three disruptors transforming the asset and wealth industry and what we believe firms need to do weather the storm. 

Using Business Intelligence to Optimize Sales Strategies

Our latest report series Using Business Intelligence to Optimize Sales Strategies examines the necessary attributes of a successful BI program, what BI leaders are doing to pull ahead of the competition, and how lagging firms can catch up to remain competitive. 

Digital Engagement Leadership: What It Takes and Why It’s Worth It

This year’s Digital Engagement Leadership: What It Takes and Why It’s Worth report analyzed the responses of 406 financial advisors surveyed, in partnership with Horsesmouth, to examine their digital behaviors and preferences for current and emerging technologies and assessed how asset management firms measure up in delivering on their expectations, ranking the top five. 

Destination Inbox: Increasing Email Relevance and ROI

This report series explores how asset managers can develop products that align with their brand, tell their story more effectively, and grow market share – and shows which leading firms are doing so. 

Prevailing in a Changing Distribution Landscape

This report series analyzes the long-term industry changes and their implications to asset managers, and provides an assessment framework along with recommendations modernize firm's distribution organizations. 

Effective Product Marketing Strategies

This report series explores how asset managers can develop products that align with their brand, tell their story more effectively, and grow market share – and shows which leading firms are doing so. 

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities with Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Our newest report outlines the ways marketing and sales can use data from multiple touchpoints to jointly segment advisors and develop outbound marketing campaigns to acquire new business and retain assets. 

Solving the Marketing Attribution Mystery

Our new report series helps asset managers understand the benefits of marketing attribution and leverage it to quantify and optimize marketing’s impact. 

Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Managers for 2020

DST kasina’s new free white paper takes a look at the major trends impacting the asset management industry and provides recommendations for asset managers to change their distribution, product, and marketing organizations in order to thrive. 

Implications of the Final DOL Fiduciary Rule for Asset Managers

The DST kasina whitepaper examines how the “fiduciary rule” will affect the way asset managers do business and suggests ways they can prepare themselves for the new requiremen 

Proceed or Wait: How Should Asset Managers Prepare for the DOL Fiduciary Rule Post-Election?

This new brief looks at the possible ways the new administration may approach the rule and its implementation, the views of industry experts, and how leading firms are preparing.  

Prioritizing Distributor Relationships

What determines what is and is not a healthy distributor relationship? Our latest research provides asset managers a framework to assess their relationships with their distribution partners and take action to improve those in strategic alignment with their goals. 

The Multi-Vehicle Sales Team

Our latest, two-part research series presents a framework for asset managers to hire, compensate, train, and sustain a cohesive salesforce that is able to coordinate and effectively sell multi-vehicle products. 

Advisor Portfolio Segmentation for Mutual Fund Use

This report analyzes the transactions and asset positions of 150,000 advisors and uses our Multi-Factor Segmentation Framework to provide more accurate insights for sales and marketing. 

Digital Engagement Leaders 2016

Our first annual Digital Engagement Leaders 2016 research is a series of reports evaluating the asset managers leading the industry in advisor engagement across the digital ecosystem. 

What Advisors Do Online 2016

This year's WADO is a series of reports looking at how firms can leverage segmentation and omni-channel marketing to increase advisor engagement. 

Preparing Distribution Organizations For Digital Advice

Our latest robo advisor research provides practical steps distribution teams can take to capture opportunities in the digital advisory landscape. 

Best Practices For Implementing Predictive Analytics in Sales

This research looks at sales lifts from use of predictive analytics and recommends steps for asset managers to gain buy-in and adoption of predictive tools. 

Advisor Segmentation: A Unified Approach

Our new report challenges asset managers to take a more comprehensive approach to segmentation using more robust internal and third-party data. 

The Top Robo-Advisors: What They’re Like — And How They Could Be Better

DST kasina looks more closely at the four largest robo-advisors in terms, and considers opportunities for the enhancement of robo-portfolios. 

Using Engagement Metrics to Demonstrate Marketing Impact

Our report takes introduces the Advisor Engagement Score to measure marketing effectiveness aligned to asset managers' business goals. 

Increasing Advisor Engagement With Online Personalization

Our report examines the ways asset managers can make better use website online personalization to engage and nurture advisors along the customer journey. 

Optimizing Portfolio Assistance Services For Advisors

This DST kasina report looks at how asset managers can use their portfolio assistance services more strategically to gain competitive advantage. 

National Sales Conferences: A Catalyst for Improvement

Our latest distribution research proposes a new framework to structure national sales conferences to make them more impactful. 

Digital Strategies for Building Brand Preference with Institutional Investors

kasina's latest institutional investor websites research focuses on ways asset managers can differentiate their firm during the buyer's search process. 

Advancing the Advisor Decision Journey with the Advisor Website

kasina's 16th annual ranking of the top mutual fund advisor sites includes recommendations to help asset managers use their site to better serve advisors. 

Debunking 4 Myths of Selling to RIAs

This report identifies common misconceptions about the RIA market and provides recommendations for asset managers targeting this competitive channel. 

Using Enterprise Social Collaboration for Business Growth and Innovation

The leading firms that have enabled enterprise social collaboration among their employees are reaping business benefits. This report examines why. 

A Modernized Sales Team

This report looks at how sales organizations of asset management firms must modernize to keep pace with changing demands of client-financial advisors. 

Optimizing Opportunities for Canadian Asset Manager Websites

kasina applies our methodology for evaluating advisor sites to Canadian firms and ranks the top 4, highlighting their best features and strategies. 

Managing Modern Digital Teams

The digital marketing strategies of asset managers and insurers are more crucial than ever to advisor customer journey. 

Growing Sales and Loyalty With the Advisor Customer Journey

To earn and keep their business, asset managers, ETF providers and insurers must focus on the entire arc of experiences advisors have with the company’s brand, that is: the advisor customer journey. 

Enhancing Profitability With Advanced Business Analytics

Examining the strategic necessity of advanced business analytics for asset managers' long-term competitiveness, growth, and profitability. 

Finding Opportunities With Rep-As-Portfolio Manager Advisors

This report examines why asset managers should take a deeper look at the RPM advisor programs, a segment that is growing at 28% a year. 

Creating A Best-in-Class Advisor-Focused Website

kasina's 15th annual ranking of the top mutual fund and ETF advisor sites, including examples of best-in-class features. 

Aligning Sales & Marketing to Win Customers

Our latest report finds disconnects between sales & marketing teams at asset management firms, and lays out 45 recommendations to fix them. 

What Advisors Do Online 2014

kasina’s annual WADO report examines the ever-changing online habits and experiences of advisors, their digital preferences, and our recommendations. 

Aligning Wholesaler Compensation With Firm Goals

This report will help asset managers understand the rationale, the challenges, and the path to building new wholesaler comp structures that meet firm goals. 

Capitalizing on the DC Advisor Market

This report examines the DC advisor market and the ways asset managers can position themselves in this market experiencing double-digit growth and growing pains. 

Integrating Social Media Engagement to Drive Business Results

This research provides recommendations for asset managers to embedding social media into their corporate strategy, mining social activity to gain insight into their advisors, and cultivating brand engagement with their audience.  

Optimizing DC Plan Participant Websites to Boost Retirement Preparedness

The study features best practices from a number of retirement plan participant sites that show users whether they are on track to meet retirement income needs, motivate them to act to address shortfalls, and take advantage of opportunities to save more.  

Enhancing DC Plan Sponsor Websites to Increase Workforce Retirement Readiness

The report features best practices from industry leaders that feature snapshot views of plan health, interactive analytics and data visualization to identify issues for action. The study also includes kasina’s recommendations for enhancements to help plan fiduciaries better meet their responsibilities. 

Creating Brand Preference with Content Marketing

This study provides practical guidance for firms to move from the early and middle stages of content marketing maturity, to building brand preference through strategic use of story-telling. In addition, the study includes kasina’s Content Marketing Maturity Model, which identifies the steps firms need to take to effective generate awareness and build consideration for their brands.  

Progressing from Scorecards to Roadmaps

Performance scorecards have become ubiquitous in sales organizations in the asset management industry. However, not all sales scorecards are equally effective. 

Role of Websites in Digital Engagement: Online Leaders in Asset Management

This report contains detailed recommendations and best practices on the changing role of the website in digital engagement with financial advisors. In addition, we evaluate the top mutual fund and ETF websites among asset managers. 

What Advisors Do Online (2013)

This study includes comprehensive data on advisor behavior and preferences for online research, financial planning tools, email, social engagement, and mobile access. In addition, it provides firms with recommendations for building awareness of their brands, generating consideration for their products and increasing opportunities for doing business. 

Repositioning the Internal Desk

This report provides a number of practical steps and recommendations for sales managers to position their internal desk for the future, including the implications on staffing, role development, and compensation.  

Effectively Targeting RIAs

Registered Investment Advisors represent a broad spectrum of assets under management, investment expertise, philosophies, and operational structures. This study explores how asset managers can transform the way they prospect RIAs, while avoiding cost inefficiencies and overlooked opportunities.  

Increasing Business Impact with Predictive Analytics

Recommendations and best practices for executives in e-business, marketing, sales and operations for integrating predictive analytics tools to enhance profitable outcomes of customer-facing interactions.  

Building A Competitive Social Media Competency

In this study we identify ways firms can create actionable metrics and indicators to help quantify social efforts across business segments. We also provide best practices within and outside of the industry that firms can adopt as part of a competitive social media strategy. 

Progressing from Analytics to Action for Data-Driven Firms

The risks of not using data to drive business decisions are enormous. In this study we explore how asset managers can embed data-driven business management strategies that increase customer loyalty, increase assets and enhance profitability. 

Building Dynamic Distribution Partnerships

This study arms distribution executives with insights on managing the many points of contact at gatekeepers, coordinating strategies with sales, and integrating with marketing and product development to provide better service. 

Standing Out: Online Strategies for Institutional Investors

In this study we identify the digital strategies asset managers should use to attract and service institutional investors and investment consultants online. In addition, this research ranks the Top 5 Institutional websites. 

What Advisors Do Online (2012)

Provides executives in e-business, marketing and sales with insight into what advisors do and expect online. In addition, this new research shows how asset managers can best reach advisors on news, industry and social sites, as well as on mobile devices. 

Boosting Sales, Enhancing Service: Online Leaders in Asset Management

kasina identifies the elements that build awareness, consideration and loyalty with advisors online. We also offer examples from within, and outside of, the asset management industry to illustrate the future of advisor websites. 

Positioning for Profitability: Analysis and Benchmarking of Intermediary Distribution

Package of reports that provides a comprehensive view of intermediary distribution, spotlights trends impacting wholesaling, shows how top firms are adapting to capitalize on new opportunities and benchmarks wholesaling and compensation across the industry. 

Getting Results from Social Media: Leaders and Best Practices

In-depth, quantitative assessment of how asset management and insurance firms are using social media platforms and programs to strengthen relationships and drive new business opportunities with advisors. 

Mobile Leadership for Asset Managers and Insurers

In-depth assessment of how asset managers and insurers are using mobile technologies to provide access for wholesalers and advisors.  

Improving the Insurer-Distributor Partnership: How to Strengthen National Account Management

This new report examines these challenges and opportunities from both sides of the insurer-distributor dynamic. The report also details specific strategies insurers should use to improve their distributor relationships, increase sales and boost profitability. 

Insightful, Accountable, Profitable: Evolving the Role of e-Business

This study contains strategic and tactical recommendations that allow teams to efficiently channel resources toward enhancing firm profitability. 

The Five Advisor Segments: A New Approach to the Intermediary Market

In this paper we significantly enhanced our approach to segmentation to include a new segmentation model that quantifies advisor behaviors along with advisor demographics, book of business, communication preferences, and support needs.  

Digital, Data-Driven, Differentiated: The Future of Marketing

This study provides best practices for prioritizing marketing goals and strategies, and examines how firms are mining data to support marketing initiatives. 

Excellence in Distribution: National Accounts

Helps firms align the goals of their Sales and National Accounts teams, provide research analysts with substantive, tailored technical support, and set profitability targets for distribution relationships. 

Excellence in Distribution: Hybrid Wholesaling

This research study details best practices and recommendations for evaluating opportunities to use hybrid wholesalers, models for hybrid integration, staffing, territory management and compensation. 

Intelligent Distribution: kasina's Vision for Distribution

Asset managers, who long enjoyed robust profits and easily-appeased clients, now face more demanding clients, envious distribution partners, and competitors who continue to raise the bar. 

Optimizing Your Opportunities with RIAs

This timely study arms Sales, Marketing and e-Business executives with benchmarks and recommendations for engaging your firm in optimizing opportunities with RIAs.