WalletShare™ provides faster, more accurate insight into your market share information1 that you can immediately turn into action.

    • Analyze your sales across all key channels and lines of business
    • Precisely target and grow your business with existing clients and prospects with dozens of analytics2, including office-level and market share data by:

* Morningstar® category

* Ratings Matchups

* New Products Sold

* Top Growing Categories

* Asset Manager Loyalty Scores

* And Many More

  • Get answers to your specific territory, product, and firm level questions in easily-consumable graphs and numbers presented in our Distribution Intelligence platform, which features an intuitive interface designed around how sales teams and management view and make decisions around their business plans
  • Gain insight quickly and in the field by accessing WalletShare anytime, anywhere via your desktop, tablet, or smartphone

WalletShare data can also easily integrate with your CRM and/or sales reporting systems. 

WalletShare uses SalesConnectTM to consistently and uniformly reconcile trades and assets, assign all trades to a specific office location (rather than simply a ZIP code), and break out multiple offices at single address – delivering more precise and complete market share data.  

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1Based on information provided by participating fund complexes.

2Based on calculations on, or algorithms run against, information provided by participating fund complexes.