Ebusiness Roundtable Wrap Up – Rethinking the Priorities for Digital Marketing

kasina hosted its annual Ebusiness Roundtable on October 27 in NYC.  Almost 25 Head of Digital Marketing exchanged ideas, concerns, advice, and opportunities.  The discussions covered the top issues participants were wrestling with:

  • How to leverage the data to understand and execute against the Advisor Decision Journey (e.g., web analytics, CRM and transactional information with predictive analytics)
  • How to scale their teams and staff with the right talent (e.g., data visualization specialists)
  • How to stay up on and leverage the latest and greatest technological innovations (e.g., marketing automation)

But I raised two troubling trends in my keynote that drove most of the discussion to creating and marketing content:

1.  As I noted in my blog post Clients Need to Hear You When the Market Swoons, the industry is slow to respond to, much less frame the discussion on, topics that are top of mind for clients.

2.  Even though advisor preferences for digital interaction have increased 30%, traffic to the insights section of advisor websites is down approximately 50%! 

Average Quarterly Traffic on Commentary Section of Advisor Websites


Put bluntly, regardless of how current websites are or how much each firm does with social media, in the absence of great content, it will be challenging to build brand awareness and engagement with clients and prospects.  So, my recommendations for digital executives were:

  • * Instill a Digital Business Mindset
  • * Develop Killer Content
  • * Create a Marketing Machine to Promote Content

I’m happy to discuss any of the above at great length, but let me leave you with a nugget on how to generate better content.  The checklist below should not surprise any of you.  What is most important is to challenge and demand that content producers convince you of the “Why?” for each item on the list.

Advisor Content Relevancy Checklist

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