E-Business 2015: Personalization and Content Marketing


Firms understand that advisors expect to see personalization. Collecting data allows them to create the experience advisors want.

e-Business plays an exciting and important role in transforming how asset managers and insurers do business. Easy access to online information and increasing reliance on community recommendations are changing the retail asset management industry. User expectations are evolving and advisors now demand innovative, personalized digital strategies. Centered at the core of these developments is the e-Business team, who must continually adapt to stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing milieu.

Looking at the evolution of e-business teams and practices, kasina recently conducted a survey of e-business executives at leading asset management firms to assess their plans for the future. E-business teams today are in charge of developing digital business strategies that seek to improve customer insight, develop customer relationships and demonstrate impact from a profitability standpoint. To that end, key themes emerged giving a glimpse of where forward-thinking teams are headed:

Using Data for Personalization- Leading firms are placing greater import on improving data sources and the integration of disparate data streams to enhance business intelligence across a variety of domains. From CRM upgrades to user experience research and design, firms are realizing the importance of generating detailed customer intelligence and providing a superior customer experience. By identifying user preferences, interests, and needs, harnessing data enables firms to present relevant targeted content that meets each customer’s specific needs.

Content Marketing – Firms are also streamlining and improving content management, creation, and delivery through a variety of initiatives. Firms realize that not only must they be prolific content creators, but their content must be equally ubiquitous across the web. The era of one-stop shopping on asset manager sites for the advisor has come and gone. e-Business teams must now prioritize syndication of content within and to third-party websites and web communities.

These important findings and more will be comprehensively discussed in an upcoming issue of kasina’s e-Business Compass.


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