Simple, Quick Social Media Tips

By Mariel Matero
It’s no surprise that businesses, small and large, are accepting social media outlets at a rapid pace. A recent study from the University of Maryland’s School of Business found that more small businesses are adopting social media, doubling the rate in the past year from 12% to 24%.
In the graph below, you’ll see that most small business owners have a company fan page on Facebook/LinkedIn and regularly post status updates/links.
Source: Mashable
Having a company page and posting frequent status updates is all well and good, but is it helping the online voice of your business and if not, how can you start being heard amongst the millions of other Facebookers, tweeters, bloggers, etc?
As the kasina navigator of social media, I have found some simple, quick solutions to common road blocks that companies of any size encounter.

  • No Time. If you are strapped for time, generate a list of future tweets/status updates/LinkedIn discussions for your arsenal so you can quickly plug them in and send them out. Also, if you come across a great tweet, remember to re-tweet it. The tweeter will see that you are re-tweeting and this creates an instant online relationship.
  • Stumped on Blog Topics. Same as above, quickly brainstorm a list of future ideas for blog posts with notes, and then when you have to blog, you’ll be one step ahead. If you have multiple bloggers, keep them updated. I send my fellow kasinians a weekly Blog Update including most recent blog post, who is due to blog, and a Blogger Tip of the Week. This creates accountability and standardizes the process.
  • Not sure if your blog is “trendy”. Writing a blog but wondering if your topic is popular? With Google Trends, enter your topics of interest to see how often they’ve been searched in Google over time. This will show a trending graph and the top news results for your topic.
  • Engage in Discussion. Ask questions. Create a LinkedIn Group and start discussions. Start polling. Poll Daddy is an extremely user-friendly tool for creating polls and is easily accessible through Facebook. People like to know their opinion is being heard. You will find out what your fan base is looking for, where you can help, what you can do better, etc.

These quick steps have not only helped kasina over the past several months, but have made the process organized and easy, rather than overwhelming and arduous. A couple of months ago, our LinkedIn Group had 20 members, now we have 442 with weekly discussions filling our board!
How are you keeping up in the ever changing social media world? We’d love to hear from you!

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