To provide our clients with high quality tailored consulting and research, we need to know the financial services industry and our clients. To build lasting and profitable relationships, we dedicate ourselves to staying not just current on, but ahead of industry trends. This blog is intended to share our industry insights and, at the same time, to capture feedback from our readers.

Tackling the Organizational Shift to Data-Driven Sales Insights

While there is no disagreement over the necessity of using business intelligence to support the sales force, the industry challenge is translating the data into actionable insights. The  main focus discussed at kasina’s Business Intelligence Summit this month was the shift from data reporting tools to platforms that provide sophisticated analytics which enable the field to take action and senior management to transform into a business intelligence-driven organization.

Moving from Data Reporting to Actionable Insights

Though most firms want to make this shift, they recognize a few key organizational challenges:

Data availability, accuracy and timeliness Integrating CRM data and engaging with business intelligence Building an intelligence chain Getting the sales force to utilize their business intelligence

The ultimate goal is to arm sales teams with meaningful intelligence. However, current sales intelligence is provided through multiple applications, such as booklets, email, CRM system reports, mobile apps, etc., causing uneven means of delivery and mixed levels of implementation for the sales teams. As a result, it is challenging and time consuming to access and analyze... [read more]

CMO Vision: Evolve to an Insight-Driven Marketing Organization

At an intellectual level, every CMO that I speak with agrees on the critical importance of running an insight-driven marketing organization. Consequently the conversation ends up focusing on two topics: 1. What does it mean to be insight-driven? And, 2. How do we get there?

Let’s start with the first question.

What does it mean to be insight-driven?

One way to uncover what types of insights drive a marketing organization to be more impactful is by looking at the advisor decision journey. In a nutshell, the idea is to know where in the decision journey an advisor is and then give them what they need next. You can consider your marketing organization insight-driven if it:

-          knows where in the decision journey its prospect/client is
-          it can give the prospect/client what he needs, in the format that he needs it
-          you have a marketing dashboard with up-to-date metrics

In a few months... [read more]

Alternatives, Solutions and Millennials, Oh My! (And Don’t Forget the DOL.)

From May 6 -8, more 1,600 industry professionals gathered in Washington D.C. for the annual Investment Company Institute (ICI) General Membership meeting to discuss the changing dynamics of the asset management industry. How many times do you think the words “millennial” and “solution” were used?  If I was a betting man I would guess more than the word “boring” was used to describe the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. 

Of course it came as no surprise that investor adoption of passive products, a transition of goals based investing, broad access to alternate investments, the inevitable transition of wealth to millennials and the Department of Labor’s (DOL) recently proposed rule for a new fiduciary standard to retirement assets dominated keynotes, panels and side conversations. With so much to consider where do executives at money management firms start in addressing these dynamics? So much to discuss, so little blog space. Let’s take a more granular look... [read more]

Our 2015 Digital Summit Sees Firms Gaining Momentum

This week, we hosted kasina’s annual Digital Summit in New York City. I kicked the morning off asking attendees to focus on developing deep digital relationships with their customers and was eager to hear how they are doing so.

Overall it was refreshing to see asset managers making steady progress in building digital relationships into the customer experience. While a range of topics were discussed, I was particularly struck with how:

Firms are increasingly valuing analytics

Learning about each and every one of their customers appears to be a priority for everything that digital marketing and eBiz teams are working on. Firms are generally focused on not only capturing data, but in finding the most effective ways to apply it to digital marketing and customer service efforts. Smartly, might I add, they are also putting plans in place for applying data insights internally – to guide the broader customer experience and... [read more]

Mobile Responsive Websites Are No Longer Optional

Mobile usage is continually increasing across all industries, and online users are starting to favor mobile devices to find clients and transact business. According to kasina’s 2014 What Advisors Do Online research, more than 75% of advisors use mobile devices for business purposes.

When discussing with kasina’s Digital Platforms clients the increase in mobile traffic to their advisor websites, all of them understand and know that they need to take steps to be ahead of this issue. However, only half of asset managers have successfully implemented a mobile responsive website. Others are not yet prioritizing the crucial need to work on adjusting their website to mobile responsive design.

Why is the need crucial?

1. Not having a mobile friendly website will not only result in users bouncing off the website, but will also hurt your search engine ranking, as Google recently announced:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness... [read more]


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