To provide our clients with high quality tailored consulting and research, we need to know the financial services industry and our clients. To build lasting and profitable relationships, we dedicate ourselves to staying not just current on, but ahead of industry trends. This blog is intended to share our industry insights and, at the same time, to capture feedback from our readers.

Digital Strategies to Help Institutional Investors Choose Your Firm

A myth persists among many firms that institutional investors have little interest in visiting an asset manager’s website, and solely require personal interaction throughout their decision-making journey. That may explain why the user experience on so many sites is poor. Recent evaluations of nearly two dozen websites for institutional investors revealed that just a few firms use technology to extend the personal approach they prize offline to the online experience.

But surveys show that the majority of institutional investors use corporate websites as well as social media as sources of non-financial information when making investment decisions. And interviews with institutional investors and consultants dispel the notion that websites don’t make a difference as they reel off the asset managers whose online capabilities they appreciate—and those they disparage.

Differentiating with the 4 Ps

How a firm uses the website to illustrate the firm’s history, the expertise of its people, and approach... [read more]

Ebusiness Roundtable Wrap Up – Rethinking the Priorities for Digital Marketing

kasina hosted its annual Ebusiness Roundtable on October 27 in NYC.  Almost 25 Head of Digital Marketing exchanged ideas, concerns, advice, and opportunities.  The discussions covered the top issues participants were wrestling with:

How to leverage the data to understand and execute against the Advisor Decision Journey (e.g., web analytics, CRM and transactional information with predictive analytics) How to scale their teams and staff with the right talent (e.g., data visualization specialists) How to stay up on and leverage the latest and greatest technological innovations (e.g., marketing automation)

But I raised two troubling trends in my keynote that drove most of the discussion to creating and marketing content:

1.  As I noted in my blog post Clients Need to Hear You When the Market Swoons, the industry is slow to respond to, much less frame the discussion on, topics that are top of mind for clients.

2.  Even though advisor preferences for digital interaction have... [read more]

How to Pull a Winning Territory Strategy Out of the Bag

I don’t often resort to retail therapy, but lately I needed to replace an old purse that was on its last legs, so it was time to do some shopping.  As I trawled through stores, looking for the perfect style, I was reminded of a young woman I’d met several years earlier while volunteering at a high school career fair in New York.  Each volunteer had been asked to give a short presentation about our line of work, and this woman started by telling the students that she was a Data Analyst at a large, well-known fashion label specializing in purses and handbags. 

The sea of confused faces quickly became animated when she started explaining what she actually did for work.  Shoppers in each part of the country, she explained – even each neighborhood within a big city – preferred different types of bags and purses.  Some of these differences... [read more]

4 Ways to Use Social Recommendations to Influence Doing Business

Do you read articles that your friends and contacts link to on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook? I do, often because I trust the poster’s recommendations or the topic is something I’m thinking about. Occasionally what I’ve learned influences me to make a decision or a purchase.

So that’s why a couple of statistics from recent kasina research caught my eye:

1 in 10 advisors learned something from a sales contact on a social network that caused them to drop a ticket.

For certain segments of advisors, it’s 1 in 7. That means there’s significant opportunity for relationship managers to post useful content on LinkedIn—by far the most used social network—that earns trust and helps advisors to do business.

Another statistic is that more than half of advisors frequently share investment planning and financial education content, for example about retirement, education saving and diversification. Asset managers that produce useful and... [read more]

One Critical Area That Advisor Websites Still Need to Address (Part 2)

While we’re excited to see the progress asset managers have made in the usefulness and usability of their advisor websites, there is one important area where they are dragging their feet—subscriptions and alerts. 

Advisors want to be able to subscribe to and get alerts for content on asset managers’ website. It’s much more convenient to have that new sales idea delivered to their inbox than to keep checking the site—or to get a notice that an updated summary prospectus is available than to accidentally give the client an outdated version.

But like all of us, their inboxes are already overflowing and they’ve been “burned” too many times by subscriptions that flooded their inbox with content that has zero relevance to them. So they want more say in what’s coming their way.

In fact, the majority of advisors surveyed for our What Advisors Do Online report this year said they want to subscribe... [read more]


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