To provide our clients with high quality tailored consulting and research, we need to know the financial services industry and our clients. To build lasting and profitable relationships, we dedicate ourselves to staying not just current on, but ahead of industry trends. This blog is intended to share our industry insights and, at the same time, to capture feedback from our readers.

Measuring the Impact of Sales and Marketing

This month, I have had five different clients come to me with the same question: how can we better understand the impact of our efforts? These companies, like many others in the industry, are facing a vastly different challenge than they did just a few years ago. Previously, firms lacked much of the data to effectively measure their sales and marketing initiatives. Now, many firms are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data that is available and struggle to integrate and analyze the mountains of data that exist throughout the organization.

Looking at the actions advisors take in every step of an initiative will lead to a greater understanding of where your initiatives are actually successful.

The question of measurement is a broad one that leads to myriad discussions, including overall KPIs (e.g. profitability, customer loyalty, lead conversion rates, etc.); data aggregation, enrichment, and warehousing; and more. I’ll cover other aspects... [read more]

The Benefits (and Challenges) Are Clear: Advisor Decision Journey Webinar Wrapup

The industry is highly competitive and as a result, it can be tough to cut through noise. Personalization is a powerful differentiator; one that can create a competitive advantage. The kasina Advisor Decision Journey is a framework for personalization. We strongly believe that firms who implement this framework will create a competitive advantage and win clients.

Apparently the industry agrees. Because of the heightened interest in the Advisor Decision Journey concept, we hosted a webinar on June 18th. If you missed it, you can still listen to the recording and download the slides. Of particular interest are the results from the polling of the 100 or so participants during the webinar:


There are tremendous perceived benefits to be gained from implementing the concept. Just think of the implications of the information in the graph below: when firms start seeing these benefits it will mean that they are not only highly effective in their sales... [read more]

Why Social Collaboration is Essential for the Modern Workforce

In an era of unprecedented immediacy, when clients expect instant replies to questions and rapid expert responses to changes in the market, asset managers and insurers can’t afford to rely on traditional channels of communication like intranets and email to enable their employees to work together to address business needs. With members of the workforce scattered among different offices and time zones, leading firms recognize that using enterprise social collaboration technology to connect them across business functions, open conversations and flatten hierarchies allows business problems to be solved more quickly, customers to be serviced, and ideas for improvement and innovation to flourish.

Defining Enterprise Collaboration

Considering that firms operate in a world where customer reviews, comments and ratings are pervasive—shaping the perceptions and actions of advisors and investors—conventional forms of communication like intranets and email are antiquated business tools that limit employee learning, engagement and collaboration.

kasina’s newest study on enterprise social collaboration finds... [read more]

Highlights from our CMO Roundtable – Rethink the CMO Dashboard

kasina hosted its annual CMO Roundtable this week in NYC.  Almost 25 CMOs attended and exchanged ideas, concerns, advice, and opportunities.  Seeded by my keynote on the topic “Evolving to an Insight-Driven Marketing Organization,” the discussions covered the top issues participants were wrestling with:

*   Getting their brand messages “through the noise”
*   How to really leverage the data that they own
*   How to scale their teams and staff with the right talent
*   How to stay up on and leverage technology

But the importance of measuring marketing performance and proving ROI was the topic of the day.  It is time to rethink how we measure and report on marketing efforts.  Building on my previous post on CMO Dashboards, here is some of what I shared with the CMOs.

 CMOs should have access to information that helps to:

*   Implement their marketing vision for the firm
*   Demonstrate the value of their team’s marketing... [read more]

2015 Product Roundtable: Fund Firms Juggling Challenges and Priorities

Last week we hosted kasina’s annual Product Roundtable in New York City. We began the event by asking the attendees a series of questions related to the changing product ecosystem as it pertained to effectively managing their firms’ short and long term product strategies: 

*    What are the major change agents and disruptive forces across the industry? *    What products do we need to address evolving advisor and investor needs and demands? *    How do we structure our product strategy and management teams to optimize future success?

These are big questions, but pertinent and critical for product strategy teams to understand and address. While we covered a range of topics, the focus of our conversation gravitated to the threats and opportunities with exchange traded products, the emerging solutions market and managing product strategy and support. 

Passive investing is not the only factor driving ETF growth

There is no question that the adoption of... [read more]


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