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2016 National Accounts Roundtable Wrap-Up: A Time of Great Change

National Accounts is a growing function in both importance and team size, as well as an increasingly complex job (due to the DOL Fiduciary Rule, the growth of passive investments, etc.).  These trends and more were discussed during the Roundtable that we hosted last Tuesday for the heads of National Accounts from the industry’s leading firms. 

Among the key takeaways that I noted were:

DOL Looms Large – Nearly every conversation with broker/dealers is being impacted by the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule, yet there still a severe lack of clarity. There are questions about whether wholesalers will be able to do group meetings, client meetings, or have other interactions with advisors. As broker/dealers continue to work out their strategy, some are shutting wholesalers out completely (at least in certain regions) while others are actively seeking support from asset managers (although most ask that wholesalers do not discuss... [read more]

4 Pointers for Increasing Email ROI

Email comprises as much as 15% of asset manager digital marketing budgets, but drives only 2% of traffic to their websites. DST kasina’s research for Increasing Engagement with Email, finds four things marketers can do to increase the likelihood that advisors will open email from asset managers:

1. Make it mobile

2. Be timely

3. Relate the subject line to their interests

4. Name the sender

Make Email Mobile

Advisors are as likely as anyone to check email on their mobile devices throughout the day. In fact, our research for the report on Addressing Mobile Expectations finds that one in five advisors primarily read email on their mobile devices. Advisor segmentation shows that for Technophiles, who have high expectations for digital experiences, and Rainmakers, who manage high net worth clients, it’s one in four advisors. With their significant investment in email, asset managers... [read more]

Mine Your 3 Ps to Draw Advisors to Your Website

Findings in DST kasina’s newest study of advisor behavior, Telling your Management Story to Attract Advisors to Your Website, show that asset manager websites are not the go-to-place for the majority of advisors looking for product information. But there is one thing that draws 2 of 3 advisors to your website: reviewing a portfolio manager’s philosophy and process.

Use the 3 Ps to Tell Your Story

The story of your firm’s people, philosophy and process is one that you can tell best and it enables you to differentiate your value proposition and brand in an increasingly crowded market. Shedding light on how your people gained their experience, what motivates them, and what has influenced them attracts attention from advisors. Details on the firm’s culture and philosophy add dimension to the picture of what it is like to do business with you. And your process for choosing investments... [read more]

Is Hybrid Wholesaling Finally Going Mainstream?

At DST kasina’s recent Distribution Summit, our annual event for distribution leaders in asset management, a major topic of conversation was the renewed focus on hybrid wholesaling strategies at many firms. Why would that be? 

It’s tough to be a wholesaler these days.  Scoring in-person meetings with advisors is becoming more and more difficult. Since 2009, the average number of face-to-face meetings per year between wholesalers and the advisors they support has declined from 2.8 to just 1.0 in 2016. 

At the same time, the percentage of advisors whose perception of a firm’s overall capabilities is influenced by the digital experiences provided by asset managers has increased significantly, from 58.7% in 2015 to 72.8% in 2016. 

Given these stats, sales management across many firms are taking a fresh look at flexible or hybrid wholesaling.

Of course, hybrid wholesalers – broadly defined as salespeople who... [read more]

Should Asset Managers Be Texting Advisors?

After speaking to my pre-teen son this past weekend about his communication habits (which consist of text messaging my wife and I even when we are a short walk down the hallway of our home), it got me to thinking about my own habits. In fact, that same morning I had made an appointment with my barber via text, got a text alert that our local beach was full (changing my plans), another alert came to remind me of my son’s basketball game that evening, and I sent an alert to the football team that I coach (through an app) to remind them to stay hydrated the next day prior to practice. Wow. Texting is a big part of communication for all of us.  It’s time for asset managers to think about using it for business, too.

Advisors are Increasingly Mobile, Open to Texts

Earlier this summer... [read more]


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