To provide our clients with high quality tailored consulting and research, we need to know the financial services industry and our clients. To build lasting and profitable relationships, we dedicate ourselves to staying not just current on, but ahead of industry trends. This blog is intended to share our industry insights and, at the same time, to capture feedback from our readers.

Digital Engagement is Essential for Building Productive Client Relationships

Leading firms embrace the additional opportunities that digital strategies provide to find new customers, build loyal relationships and deliver highly personalized, relevant experiences to welcoming recipients. kasina’s newest research on Managing Modern Digital Teams shows that at 43% of firms, digital marketing tactics are already always part of new marketing campaigns.

But kasina’s findings also show that just 1 in 7 firms prioritize digital over traditional marketing when new marketing initiatives are developed. Why is that, when good digital marketing is demonstrably more effective in getting the right message to the right person and more measurable in analyzing results? 

Align around the customer journey

At nearly half of firms, digital engagement is seen as nice to have, but not essential. At those firms, sales prefers traditional to digital marketing. Why? Because at those firms, sales “owns” the customer and marketing is subordinate to sales. While sales focuses on A and B advisors... [read more]

CMOs Need a Marketing Dashboard

The role of marketing in the asset management industry is generating demand.  That is, marketers have to catalyze more advisors into concluding “I need to [do more] work with X.”  Interestingly though, not many CMOs and senior marketing managers in our industry can quantify how much demand their teams are generating.  I believe that among the many reasons for this gap in information is the lack of a Marketing Dashboard.  But, if you had a Dashboard, what should be on it?  The answer is simple: metrics of the levers that increase demand.

kasina’s consulting team has helped CMOs through the complex and politically tricky process of crafting the dashboard.  Here I offer general (and simpler) framework to get you thinking about your dashboard.  Let’s start with revenue as a metric for demand.  This is a great construct because it grounds the role of marketing in generating revenue.  So:


Where  f =... [read more]

The Future of Fund Firm Retail Products

The SEC recently gave American Funds preliminary approval to launch fully transparent actively managed ETFs.  They are also waiting on preliminary approval to launch non-transparent actively managed ETFs.  When this structure will be approved is anyone’s guess but a non-transparent option would likely be the vehicle of choice for American Funds’ actively managed strategies.  Either way, it appears they are in no rush to enter the ETF business as they carefully consider their options, risks and opportunities associated with such a move.

The fact that a firm like American Funds is considering entering the ETF business is big news and is a perfect example of the challenges traditional mutual fund asset managers face.  Asset managers know they need to pivot their business in an evolving investment management landscape in order to stay competitive.  American Funds and firms with similar product menus are considering various options to optimize their product menus... [read more]

Smart Insights on the Customer Journey Come in Small Packages

I’ve been a long-time subscriber (and advocate) of the No B.S. Marketing Newsletter for entrepreneurs. The content is always fresh, insightful and full of personality. But the Glazer-Kennedy company knows that having a great product or service is simply the price of admission these days. As we discuss in our new (and free) whitepaper, Growing Sales & Loyalty with the Advisor Customer Journey, standing out and earning loyalty today is all about understanding and optimizing the experiences customers have with your business—and strategically nurturing them to deeper levels of engagement.

Glazer-Kennedy starts by forgoing the usual “subscriber” or “customer” terminology in favor of member, which connotes a sense of commonality and value. But their focus on over-delivery, access, community and data is also instrumental in optimizing the customer journey and fostering long-term relationships.


They always deliver more than expected. For example, new members get a snail mail “shock and awe” welcome... [read more]

I’ll Show You My Advisor, If You Show Me Yours

Social media is relentlessly opening doors for people to compare themselves to others. And, let’s admit it, that’s why most of us are guilty of showing off to our networks. Whether it’s posting photos of our cute children and pets on Instagram and Facebook , to the more subtle ‘I got a promotion’ on LinkedIn or published this great blog post today. But what about comparing our finances? I am not talking about posting Venmo transactions, which I am still not totally convinced I understand the value of.

Networks like Openfolio are especially intriguing right now. If you’re not familiar, it allows investors to compare their investment portfolios to other individuals and a variety of peer groups – and it appears to be catching on. It affords them the ability to compare everything from sector allocations to performance to fees they are paying. Virtually anyone can link their accounts, regardless... [read more]


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