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How to Boost Your KPIs For Your Advisor Website Traffic

KPIs facilitate better progress measurement primarily for two reasons: they break down larger goal achievement into smaller identifiable and measurable components and provide context for interpreting data as an indication of progress.

For KPIs to be effective, however, they need to be relevant to a specific goal and be placed in the appropriate context. Digital marketing teams at asset management firms will, for example, want to establish as one set of web metrics, website visits from financial advisors. Before establishing specific website objectives, they will need to understand the online behavior and trends for advisors. Some of this will be derived from internal sources, but strong KPIs must also be informed by external third-party advisor data.

Specifically, formulating KPIs for online success measurements includes two key responsibilities:

1. Digital marketing teams need to build their websites initiatives based on their own website visitor data. Through their Google Analytics and/or proprietary analytics tool,... [read more]

What 2,000 Advisors Told Us About Their Client Portfolios

kasina, in partnership with Horsesmouth, surveyed over 2,000 advisors and found they are going well beyond the limits of traditional investing since the 2008 crash. Advisors have learned their lesson and have changed their portfolio construction approaches to accommodate more dynamic factors and influences.

The underpinnings of modern portfolio theory have been thrown into question by many advisors, as returns among asset classes are not always normally distributed and their correlations continually change – often moving in tandem during the most inopportune times.

Given heightened concern over market risk and rising asset correlations, advisors are clearly moving away from the traditional style box methodology built simply on portfolio diversification and championed by Morningstar.

Evolving Portfolio Construction

86% of advisors are now using more dynamic funds in their portfolio and risk management.

Advisors are implementing more outcome—or goal focused—total return, tactical, core/non-core, risk budgeting and alternative portfolio construction approaches,... [read more]

Targeting Prospects: Lessons from Online Retail

I’m moving house at the end of this month, and since we don’t have that many stores in the small town where I live, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping for furniture and home improvement supplies online. In the process, I’ve noticed a few tactics these sites use to help convert casual browsers to committed buyers – tactics that asset managers could potentially adapt to convert advisors from prospects into clients. 

While there may not be many surface similarities between asset management and online home goods retailing, these two industries actually share a number of common features. Businesses in both fields face intense competition and constantly strive to differentiate their brands from those of competitors. Many businesses in both fields also strive to stay on top of product trends, with competitor firms offering their own minor variations on the latest ‘hot’ product. And both fields offer a wide array... [read more]

A Novel Approach to Selling Soda

I came across an unusual 1943 Coca-Cola ad while rummaging through a bin in an antiques store last weekend, which invited readers to send away for a book on flower arrangements. As both a Coke collector and long-time fan of their marketing, I couldn’t resist doing a little digging about my purchase when I returned home.

It seems the soda maker set its sights on increasing sales of Coke to the home market in 1940 and cleverly decided that associating the refreshment of its beverage to this gracious pastime, which was popular with women of all ages and incomes, was the way to go.

So they contracted well-known floral designer Laura Lee Burroughs to write the 56-page, full-color book Flower Arranging — A Fascinating Hobby, which readers could get by sending Coke a self-addressed envelope and 10 cents. The book was later acclaimed for its work in promoting floral design, although it... [read more]

The Top Multi-Asset Class Strategies Advisors Employ

Asset managers are dedicating a good deal of thought and resources toward a new generation of multi-asset class (MAC) or solutions-based funds, such as retirement income, risk-constrained, and multi-alternative funds. The development of these products is largely based on an assumption that the advisors and their retail clients will increasingly turn toward asset managers for help with asset allocation decisions. But what percentage of the intermediary market invests in these funds, what investment strategies are most in demand, and what percentage of client money is typically allocated to MAC funds? Answers to these questions are critical to the growth of this market.

Over the past year, kasina has been closely canvassing advisor investment approaches through our Advisor Insights service in conjunction with our partner, Horsesmouth (an intermediary market affinity group). Specifically, we have surveyed advisors on their investment approach and portfolio management, investment tactics, and the types of investment products... [read more]


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